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need and desire. A first level team will advise you to find what you need. We can personalize the cardboard boxes with a logo, information about your company, telephone, whatever you want and need. We can do everything you can imagine, cardboard boxes in lamination, finished in matt, gloss, varnish or UVI varnish, stamping in gold or silver. We have all the finishes plus all the formats of the market.

In SooPAK, we manufacture all kinds of customized printed packaging boxes in the USA, whether industrial boxes, special packaging or a product in cardboard for any purpose. We can offer you all kinds of closure or format models, of the measurements you need with any finishing and printing.

Widest Collection of Durable Packaging Boxes

If you want to print folding boxes and use them as personalized gift packaging, you can just look for SooPAK’s custom printed food packaging in the USA in box or cube format in different sizes. Ask only the quantity you need. The concept of our printing press allows a run of large custom packaging boxes for bakeries across USA. And, with modern methods, such as digital printing, it is profitable for your business to grow far and wide.

Nowadays, with the innovation that exists in the packaging and the importance that is given to the customized boxes for food and gift shipments. It is essential to get printed packaging boxes for your company to improve your image and thus be able to retain the customer better. We have any closure you need, format, finish or measure, call us or write to us, we at SooPAK offer you the best folding food packaging in the USA.

SooPAK’s packaging boxes are folding cartons delivered glued and flat, that is, without folding. In this way, transportation is facilitated, and you can save space until you need customized gift boxes. It is effortless to assemble a folding box since the fold lines have already been pre-cut. With a few arrangements, the cardboard is ready in the form of a cube. The base is fixed with the lower tab. Now you can put the product in the carton and then close the lid with the upper flap.

For our folding boxes, we use chrome cardboard, a material that allows a great impression. These decorated food boxes are perfect for both companies and individuals. They are ideal as a corporate shipping mode, perfect to protect the content while offering a unique aesthetic, with a substantial corporate line. They are also perfect as gift boxes, in particular moments, such as birthdays, weddings or communions. We take care of all the details of presenting products and gifts with our personalized boxes for you to get that first impact that helps you make a difference. In brown or white cardboard and a great variety of sizes, our food packaging boxes guarantee a safe and secure shipment of your food. Within our range, you will also find boxes with the self-adhesive band for an even more comfortable and faster assembly, and tabs with the reinforced automatic bottom for great resistance.

Following are the regions where we serve across USA:

  1. California
  2. New York
  3. Florida
  4. Texas
  5. Georgia
  6. Illinois
  7. New Jersey
  8. Pennsylvania
  9. Washington
  10. Colorado
  11. Michigan
  12. Massachusetts
  13. Ohio
  14. North Carolina
  15. Virginia
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